Rie’s Second Birthday

Look whooooooo’s turning 2! It’s one of my best friend’s daughter, Rie.

Owl Cake

You may remember I did a garden party cake for Rie last year. This year, her mom Lisa wanted to do an owl themed party. This may be a good time to mention that I am a full time graphic designer. I work a 9-5, and decorate in between cooking, cleaning, mommy-ing and wife-ing. I love it though! This year and last year, I not only got to decorate Rie’s cakes, I also got to design her invitations! I thought it would be fun to show both the invitation and how that translated to the cake.


Owl Cake Down View

The inside is confetti cake with buttercream. Lisa lets me take creative control and I love her for that. This year she let me do a textured outside with some simple embellishments. I think the fondant owl is just precious and looks just like the one I created for the invitation. Would anyone be interested in seeing a fondant owl tutorial? It turned out to be relatively easy!

Owl Cake Close-up


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