A Nautical Themed 60th Birthday

Hello all! This week’s cake was a challenge, but a lot of fun.

Nautical Cake

I wanted to try and do something a little different with this cake, and since so many people ask me how I ice my cakes, I decided to take my GoPro and record myself icing the cakes for this project. Honestly I was going to try and show the whole thing: icing, stacking, decorating…but the camera died on me. Lesson learned. Next time I will be sure to account for that. Here is the video in fast forward:

As for the cake itself, I think it turned out really great. The icing gave me quite an early morning workout. It takes a lot of red to get a red that dark, and a lot of blue and black back and forth for the navy blue.

Icing colors

For the red, I recommend using a whole container of Wilton No-Taste Red and the tiniest, and I mean tiniest bit of black. Too much and you’re screwed. Just always remember, you can always add more but you cannot take away.

For the blue, I used Wilton’s Royal Blue first and got it to a really nice deep royal blue, then I started to add the black bit by bit until I got it to the navy blue that I was looking for. It’s important to remember here that most of the Wilton colors will darken as they sit.

Fondant Anchor Closeup

Here is a closeup of the fondant anchor. I formed it in Americolor gold and then mixed vodka with gold luster dust to paint on top. This cake was outside and the gold shined really pretty. This image doesn’t capture that.

The entire set-up of this party was on point and gorgeous. It’s always such a great feeling when the cake you make fits into the scene flawlessly.

Nautical Cake

Nautical Cake

Thank you Christen for asking me to make this cake for your dad. It was a test for me and I can say I am very proud of this one.


Rie’s Second Birthday

Look whooooooo’s turning 2! It’s one of my best friend’s daughter, Rie.

Owl Cake

You may remember I did a garden party cake for Rie last year. This year, her mom Lisa wanted to do an owl themed party. This may be a good time to mention that I am a full time graphic designer. I work a 9-5, and decorate in between cooking, cleaning, mommy-ing and wife-ing. I love it though! This year and last year, I not only got to decorate Rie’s cakes, I also got to design her invitations! I thought it would be fun to show both the invitation and how that translated to the cake.


Owl Cake Down View

The inside is confetti cake with buttercream. Lisa lets me take creative control and I love her for that. This year she let me do a textured outside with some simple embellishments. I think the fondant owl is just precious and looks just like the one I created for the invitation. Would anyone be interested in seeing a fondant owl tutorial? It turned out to be relatively easy!

Owl Cake Close-up


Rustic, Country Wedding

Sarah Ann is one of my very biggest fans. One of my very first projects was a cupcake arrangement for her son’s birthday. Here we are about three years later and she asks me to do her wedding! Sarah Ann has impeccable taste. I love getting to work with her on anything. For her wedding cake, we did cinnamon roll cake and peanut butter cake, both with buttercream. I was also in charge of putting the entire table together, which was also a ton of fun for me.

LovebirdsCakeCountry Wedding Table

SweetLoveTableLove Birds Cake Close Up



Ryan’s 30th Birthday Cake

My mother-in-law and I threw my husband a big birthday party for his big 3-0. My husband LOVES movies. Loves them. So what else would we even think about doing besides a movie themed party. We decked the place out. The centerpieces were comprised of old movie reels and clapperboards. There was a filmstrip that had thirty years of pictures of Ryan in them, and we also did a red carpet entryway where people could stop and get their pictures made.

For his cake, I decided to do a one sheeter and make it in the form of a clapperboard, which also resembled his party invitation. It was really tasty and I feel like it turned out really well. He liked it and that’s all that really mattered.

Ryan's Birthday In Progress

Ryan's Birthday Cake Finished